Our Story

We are a community that works with a circular economy and developed a culture of happiness to share the worlds most valuable products with the precious people. In order to make our world more beautiful place, our purpose of life is to gather the purest products with registered geographical indication by working people and make it easily accessible for you also to carry on the production of these process.The tastes, clothes, goods that you will never forget in your life, the most beautiful products are registered in the world by taking geographical indications. We share this registered and the most valuable products which have completed their journey from the local to the universal and accepted by everyone, with our customers, whom we value most. There can’t be any other product in the world that has a customer experience as much as a geographically indicated product.

In the world, the most liked and preffered products that have been produced since the existence of the human society, the unforgettable tastes,goods and and clothes are registered as a geographical indication. For centuries and sometimes millenia, these products have been appreciated by all people who use them and always guaranteed the happiness for their customers. However, the biggest struggle is the confusing these products with the imitation ones and the similar ones. The only control mechanism that prevents this is geographical indication registration. The product with geographical indication is accepted by all academic circles,standards and countries. In addition, it is always controlled by the institutions.If you want to buy real Uşak Rug or eat Çeşme Kumru, it must have geographical indication. Endemigo is the only website that delivers products to its customers that are accepted as a standard and entitled to receive geographical indication registration by all institutions in the world. Our community promises you that; We bring you the best in the world. Because You deserve the best.

Our Mission

While providing the best customer experience, we work for people to carry the culture of happiness to the future.

Our Vision

Let's use the products that make our world more beautiful, support people, consume the most beautiful and be beneficial to our world while consuming.

Our Core Values

Love The World, Love People, Share...

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