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Endemigo is the world's first&only marketplace for GI Tag Products.
You can become a member of this special world now.
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No Membership Fee
No Store Listing Fee
No High Commissions
No Advertising Fee
No Mandatory Participation in Campaigns
No Need to Spend Weeks on Creating a Store, Uploading a Product, Writing Content, etc.

Geographical Indication High Quality
Single Marketplace for Products

Endemigo Supports All Manufacturers in the World Producing Geographically Indicated Products at 100% with the Business Model It Has Created with the Philosophy of Circular Economy. Endemigo Represents Your Geographical Indications Products in the Digital World.
Highlights Your Products In Search Engines With The Professionals Of The Digital World. Follows Daily Price Competition. It Collects Customer Feedback and Encourages You To Focus Totally On Your Products, Production.

Why should I join Endemigo?

Free Customer Support

Reach qualified customers from all over the world.

Free Membership and Product Listing Support

Create a free membership now and start listing your products. You can terminate your membership at any time.

Free Export Support

Leave all export procedures of your overseas sales to us.

Cargo Support

By using our Cargo system, send your products at affordable prices both in the country and all over the world.

Payment Assurance Support

No payment waiting times of up to 40 days. Your product is sold and the fee you have agreed with Endemigo will be credited to your account within a maximum of 7 days.

Free Wholesale Support

Don't have to make various marketing investments. We manage your international and domestic wholesale organization with wholesale demands from all over the world. We introduce your products to the world.

Free Advertising and Marketing Support

You do not pay advertising fees. We prepare and publish advertising works for the promotion of your products.

Free Pricing Support

We do your market research, let you know the best price for the product.

Free Creative Support

We make your Sales Strategy and Creative, and increase the awareness and value of your brand. We highlight your products on Google and other search engines. We take all product photos and manage your product announcement processes.

Free Campaign Support

You will never encounter surprises such as mandatory discount campaigns. Our campaigns are planned specifically for your products and brand.

Dedicated Sales Representative

We are always with you to increase your product sales potential with our Regional Representative.

24/7 Online Support

We are always with you with our Customer Relations team, which you can reach 24/7.

Mutlu Üretici Yorumları

Women Entrepreneur Support Program

Women produce and the world becomes a better place… We stand by our women who produce to make our world a better place. Since the day we were founded, we continue to provide the greatest support we can give to our women who produce Geographical Indication products. In addition to the special support we give to all of our producers, the additional supports we provide to our Women Producers is free of charge.

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Commission and Cargo Support

Sell your products with up to 60% lower commissions and shipping rates.

Payment Support

The payments of our female producers are paid in an average of 4 days in the shortest term.

Non-Credit Earnings Support

Endemigo does not encourage you to get credit or use checks to produce Geographical Indication products. It provides various supports for your needs such as pre-purchase, cash payment, wholesale purchase, sales with campaigns so that you are not affected by economic difficulties.

Brand Support

If you have a product but not a brand, Endemigo or Endemigo's brands provide support to sell.

Product Development Support

Endemigo provides support on how the Geographical Indications Products produced by our Women Producers can be sold the most. It improves your products, your brand, your packaging, the way you communicate.

Foreign Market Support

Endemigo provides the necessary infrastructure support for female producers to launch your Geographical Indications products suitable for the foreign market.

Digitization Support

Take full control of your business with the "I'm in the Digital World" trainings.

Education Support

Endemigo provides various training support on issues that Women Producers should do about their products (using a computer, using the internet, branding, sales-marketing, etc.).

Distributor Support Program
Geographical Indications Products

Endemigo provides distributorship services to many national and international brands. If you want Endemigo to wholesale your products worldwide, you can benefit from our Distributorship service.

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Sales & Marketing Support

We market your products in four continents worldwide in digital and at 8,000 points in traditional.

World Expansion Support

With Endemigo, your products take their place in European, Asian, American and African markets.

Infrastructure and Distribution Support

Within the scope of this support program, our representatives in Turkey and around the world inform us of the infrastructure requirements required for the promotion and marketing of your products. Endemigo also offers you a Distributorship within the scope of this report.

Brand Support Program with Geographical Indications Product

Strengthen your brand with our special brand support program for all our manufacturers in order to be a brand not only for today but also for the future.

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Support Package for Your Existing Brand

The creative status of your brand is reported, the valuation is made, and the website and social media accounts, if any, are evaluated. Your brand and products are supported within the communication strategy of Endemigo.

Support Package for Non-Branded

If you have a product but not a brand, we can market your products with the Endemigo Brand or other brands owned by Endemigo. Even if you don't have a brand in this support package, your brand creation expense is eliminated thanks to Endemigo. Your products are marketed under the Endemigo brand or sub-brands of Endemigo.

Paid Brand Support Package

50% of the Brand Support Program you will receive is covered by Endemigo for the development of your brand.

Endemigo is the world's first & only marketplace for GI TAG Products.
You can become a member of this special world right away.
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