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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Unique Tastes of Italian Cuisine: Italian Pastas & Cheeses

Italy has become the capital of macaroni, cheese and pizza with the acceptance of the whole world and Geographical Indication registrations. Millions of people go to the Pisa tower of Italy every year, whose history is based on pasty foods. Of course, foreign tourists who come to Italy, which is also the capital of the ancient Roman and Christianity religion, also affect gastronomy. When Italy is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind for everyone is Italian cheeses and delicious pastas with different sauces.
Italians almost never miss the cheese they use for their pizza and pasta, and they use their own Geographical Indication cheese. Geographically Indicated products become the original-real product of the region they belong to. The production and the truth of the product first appear there, and then they are recognized all over the world as the product of the region where it originated, and they are controlled by fighting counterfeiting.
To give an example of Italian cheese varieties, we can list a few products. Dolce cheese is one of the Italian cheeses registered with Geographical Indication. You can use this cheese classically as a sauce for pizza or pasta. Dolce cheese is one of the most delicious sauce cheeses with a hard and sharp taste. Parmigiano Parmesan cheese is also one of the indispensable varieties of Italian cuisine. The reputation of Parmesan cheese has gone far beyond Italy and is in high demand all over the world.
We can give Paccheri Italian pasta as an example of Geographical Indicated pastas belonging to Italy. Paccheri pasta, which is similar to thimble pasta but has a larger shape than it, is the 1st class original Geographical Indication registered pasta belonging to Italy. It takes its place among the delicious pastas made by Italian chefs at Vesuvio. There are certain tricks to cooking Italian-style pasta. After paying attention to these points, you can experience this feast of taste at home with the Italian macaroni and cheese you will buy. The most important tip is not to overcook the pasta and leave it in what Italians call al dente.
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