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Saturday, April 10, 2021

What do ''Endemigo.com Happy Production'' Products Mean?

We would like to tell you a little bit about Endemigo Happy Production, which is an integral part of Endemigo happiness culture.

Millions of products are produced every day in the world. We buy these products from market shelves, the internet, and stores. So, what are the production conditions of these products or by whom are these products produced? What are the conditions of the people who produce these products, what are the living standards of the people who produce these products? We actually have to ask more than these questions. We know that today, more and more products are produced and offered to people in every field day by day. Both our being a consumer society is fueled and people are desensitized in ruthless competition. Today, there are many big brands trying to move to a circular economy in the world. However, while almost all of them are trying to think about their customers, we can say that they are far behind in improving production conditions. Of course, it is quite difficult to organize all of these works at the same time in the established economic system of the world. However, we, as Endemigo, think that it is time to do something. For this reason, we care more about the Geographical Indications products that we focus on, and we are more and more honored to share them with you. It is very, very important for us that every product is produced in conditions of happiness. Because people who produce a product pass their energies, emotions and moods to that product. Today, we can immediately notice that we give positive or negative energy even to our surroundings with our behavior. Well, if you think that the products we consume or non-consumption products are not affected by this situation, you are wrong in our opinion. Think of a meal you unwillingly made, how beautiful could it be or how much appreciation could it get? The thing that we call hand faculty of the maker is actually the feeling he gives to the product he produces and the energy he passes on to the product while producing. And of course, the life standards of the person who produced it. The products made by someone whose life is moving in a beautiful and positive direction will naturally become beautiful and permanent.

Now let's get to both the human rights dimension and the psychological dimension. We all know that workers' rights are not protected much during production in today's brutal competition in terms of human rights. But if I tell you now; The shoe produced by a person who was poisoned while producing this shoe and died at home before he could even go to the hospital because he had no rights. If I asked if I would like to buy this shoe, I guess not everyone will buy that shoe. Or if I told you that a woman had to sell the carpet she produced in 1.5 years for 500 (five hundred) TL by working for hours without insurance. You don't want to buy that shoe or carpet naturally. Because there is a very nice sentence in our language against that product. "Ahlı Mal". This phrase is generally used today for goods sold from execution, but the main meaning of this phrase is that it can be used for every good. Almost every good that is produced under bad conditions, the rights of the producer are not protected and the goods that cannot get the economic rights are actually "moral". To sigh is to suffer. Being happy through someone else's pain cannot be a culture. For this reason, we are in favor of not offering you products produced under unhappy production conditions. For this reason, you can see that some of our products on endemigo.com are sold cheaper on different sites. However, when you compare the prices of Geographical Indication original products, you will understand better that our products are the correct prices. For example; Not every Rize roasting or roasting is a geographical indication Rize Roasting. Or not every Italian Pasta you see is the original Italian Pasta with Geographical Indications. On our site, sales are made at the price that should be the original geographic sign. Various campaigns or discounts can also be made on products. But ultimately, Endemigo has a Happy Production Guarantee behind all products. For this reason, we work with heart and soul to serve you better with every product you buy, and we ensure that our stakeholders working with us are also happy. We keep your happiness above all our happiness.

Many of the products with Geographical Indications are labor intensive. This means that many of them are not Fabricated products. Special production processes are applied for the products we sell, even if they are produced in the factory. For example, if the sausage factory is to produce a Geographical Indications product, it produces it differently. Better quality than other sausages, more demanding and almost without additives. Likewise, it could be a toy, a carpet or a furniture. Geographical Indications are both labor intensive and require special attention. You cannot fall below certain standards. Production processes are more difficult and demanding than any other product. In short, a labor-intensive product is both special and more sustainable than other products. For this reason, products with Geographical Indications are always preferred more by everyone in the world. Of course, everyone is willing to pay more. For this reason, the producer is happy, the seller is happy, the buyer is happy. This Happy Production product is produced with the best energy and shared with you. Well, you found the same product somewhere cheaper than Endemigo. We are not telling you not to buy those products. However, we know that there is unhappiness somewhere in those products. Because, in terms of production cost, if you are lowering the price of some products in that way, you have to miss either the worker, the product or somewhere. The place you missed will also be unhappy. That product will not be a happy production product. Our recommendation is to buy labor-intensive products when you really need them, as long as your budget allows. Don't be a part of the consumer society. Consume consciously and correctly. Choose products that are of high quality and produced as happy as you need. However, the world becomes more beautiful in this way. The products you have bought on this site continue to be produced and transferred to future generations, making people happy. Economies become more effective and products begin to be consumed correctly over their quality and produced accordingly. The ruthless competition begins to be replaced by the competition for well-deserved happiness. You will say, you dream a lot, the world will be difficult like this. We do not think that way, the world is becoming a better place every day, technology improves, people's living standards and average life expectancy are increasing. Of course, you cannot notice this right away. However, looking at the history and today, these can be easily understood. Every brand and manufacturer is trying to do more and more on this issue day by day.

Again, as we come to the end of a blog post, let's gather our last words. We, as Endemigo, make sure that the product is produced under the right conditions, with respect to human rights, in the right market conditions that the producer deserves, and that the product it produces is produced in conditions of happiness. If not, we ask him to correct his conditions. We present the products produced with happiness to you, our customers, and we take care for your happiness. Now I seem to hear some of you saying that without pain there is no improvement. But remember, for your happiness, do not confuse suffering in the gym or suffering to produce a great product and make yourself, your family and the people who buy your products happy, and taking Ah. Of course, we are talking about the absence of painful, torment and humanitarian conditions in our lives. As Endemigo, we will always be against unsustainable conditions. We will always offer you Happy Production products. We wish you the most beautiful products of the whole world to have the most happily produced products in your life, and we would like to state that we have come to the end of our article. Stay with love.

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